Curls, clouds and code


While there’s plenty of projects and different hobbies I’m spending time on, there’s these projects I’m particularly proud of. This page is a showcase of these projects, and a reminder for myself what I spent my time on.


SkyHop is absolutely one of my favourite projects. Started in November 2016, I’ve been working on this project on and off for a period of over two years, continuously iterating on the original idea.

This is one of the projects for which I have vision which spans over multiple years, depending on the amount of resources invested into it. The things I have been working on during this time include:

SkyHop 3D Flight Visualisation

3D Flight Visualization in SkyHop

SkyHop is a flight-analysis program initially written specifically for the soaring community, but also applicable to the wider aviation community.

Back in the days when my little brother and I just started flying we always argued which one of us made the best flight when on our way back home. We needed something to objectively compare our flights. And that’s where this platform came from.

Of course we were already able to compare our flights, but this process included the requirement to manually retrieve a file from the flight computer, with a micro-SD card. I did not feel like losing a thousand micro-SD cards, and neither did I feel anything for the idea to have to retrieve my flight details manually.

One of my personal goals is to be able to work on this platform full time. The current amount of ideas would easily take over three years for me to implement. As soon as the platform leaves it’s beta status I’ll be offering paid subscriptions with premium features, but more on that later.

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