Curls, clouds and code

Hi, my name is Corstian, and this is my blog where I get to publish my writings on topics such as psychology, philosophy, software development and any other thing I deem worthy to write about.

Looking for 🐳 Whaally?

Hey there,

You probably landed here because you clicked on a link called “Whaally”. My name is Corstian, and Whaally is the company name under which I develop software products, and provide consulting services.

Software development

First of all I’m working on building software products such as Skyhop. These products are inspired by my own challenges, with the goal to help others solve these problems, too.

Given I’m working alone I’m unable to take on big software development projects. However, if you would like to have me on your team for a while, send me a message and we’ll work something out.

My expertises;

  • C# .NET backend development
  • Data mining and exploration
  • Front-end development using Javascript
  • API design using GraphQL
  • User interface and experience design

Additionally I have some strong opinions about the ways software development teams should be led, based on many personal experiences with practices which obviously do not work. Using these insights I can help to smoothen the road for your team, and bring it up to a speed it never had before.