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Surface Book 2 issues after running updates

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This is definitely more of a note to myself, and my fellow Surface Book 2 users;

Lately mostly after installing Windows updates, the book is plagued by strange behavior.

A few things include:

  • Difficulties to start up. When the power button has been pressed, it won’t quickly start up after hibernation. Most of the times you have to press a few times in a row to get the Surface to wake up. Pressing the detach button mostly is the quickest way to wake up in this situation.
  • After a sleep the NVIDIA GTX 1050/1060 isn’t recognized after sleep. Detaching and then attaching may work to detect it again. A restart also works fine. So now and then a warning would pop up that there is a hardware problem with the base.
  • Bad performance for detaching. It’d be easily possible to have to wait about 20 or 30 seconds for the base to detach. If at all. A restart mostly fixed these issues.

There is an old Reddit post I stumbled upon with people experiencing the same problem, and few fixes have been shared.

Go here for the Reddit post:

The top comment seemed to fix my problems. With the most recent updates I figured out that booting in UEFI mode (by pressing the power button and the volume up button) and exiting again solved my problems.

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