Curls, clouds and code

Open sourcing some old projects

Since the moment I started learning to code I have worked on quite a lot of different projects. Some I do remember better than others. The first moments my dad showed me how to do calculations is a thing I remember, though I didn’t understand any of it back then. There are some websites I remember playing around with, but nothing specific.

Now that I’m working on Skyhop I’m not really working on anything else anymore, though back in the days I have built some small projects which I vividly remember for some odd reasons. I found the source code of some of them, and though pretty much useless nowadays, I’m happy to share!

A comment on dealing with anxiety, depression and uncertainty

I have written this as a reaction on the question “What are your best tips to conquer anxiety, depression and uncertainty?”. The reason I have written this comment because I believe depression is treaded too lightly, and people either don’t know what depression is or try to cover it up with temporary remedies. Instead I think we’d all be better off if we accepted it for what it is, and choose for radical self acceptance as a way of properly dealing with the root cause of issues. I for one believe that ones emotional well being is not solely the task of a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist, but of society as a whole. When writing the original comment I tried to explain the interactions by which a depression may be formed early in one’s childhood.

Note that though I’m not discussing this, there are many other reasons for depression, such as physiological forms, or reactions on grief or other life events. Not all depressions are equal.