A little introduction

Whenever people are asking about me I have to tell a little about myself every time again. Inspired by Scott Hanselman evangelizing about everyone having a finite amount of keystrokes I decided to create some public space online where I can put the stuff which might be generally interesting.

I’m just a regular guy born in September 1996. In case you’re wondering how old I actually am you can do the math yourself.

At highschool I got the possibility to join the Big Picture Learning program. In this time my teacher asked me what I wanted to lear at school. I remember saying “Uhh, well, I’d like to learn to program, but that’s something they don’t teach at school.”. To my surprise my teacher told me that while it wasn’t a subject taught at school we could arrange something. This is actually how I started to program at the age of 14.

Now at the age of 18 I still feel like a novice most of the time. I don’t have any notable achievements and if I were to apply for a job there isn’t much of my work (if any) I’d show.

After finishing HAVO (high school) in about 6 years of which two were in the Big Picture Learning program I got the possibility to get a job in the field of software development and IT (which I took, ofcourse). Besides my job I do a part time study to get my bachelors degree in Computer Science (Most of the time abbreviated as ‘CS’) which takes me a single day each week. If everything goes following plan I hope to be a bachelor of Computer Science in the summer of 2018.

Thankfully there are some other things I do beside my job. I love longboarding (especially downhill) and I create my own boards with my home made press. Besides this I’m a member of the local glider club where I’m trying to get my glider pilot license (GPL).

Flying solo in the ASK-21 above Woensdrecht (EHWO) with Bergen op Zoom in sight (Me) flying solo in the ASK-21 above Woensdrecht (EHWO) with Bergen op Zoom in sight

At last some interesting facts:

  • We won the first DigiBattle award back in 2013 in Amsterdam with a concept application called ‘Ice Tycoon’ (Which I still have to develop some day)
  • We won the ‘World Hackathon Day’ hackathon in Amsterdam with a concept called ‘*bliep it!’. This concept is now being implemented by some of the major banks here in the Netherlands.