About Corstian

Oh hey there, kind stranger. In 2014 I started my professional career as software developer. Since 2014 I have done several different project which all focus on different things. Among the things I have done in the meantime: * (Mobile) app development * Front end development * Back end development * Data analysis / processing * (Literature) research on a broad range of topics * Embedded software development I am comfortable crawling through large amounts of data to find reason for improvement, or to "have large databases for breakfast" as one described me once. People say I do big data. I say I do pretty big data. There's a subtle difference in there. ![](/uploads/versions/0514---x----2000-1333x---.png) With a broad range of interests I might be busy doing one of those things: * Working at [MacView gas measurement systems](https://macview.eu). Data stuff and so on. * Being a member of the [Young Advisory Board (YAB)](http://www.youngadvisoryboard.nl) * Having to do some school stuff. Ya know, for a paper and stuff * Renovating my own home * Flying around or otherwise being busy at the [West Brabantse AeroClub (WBAC)](www.wbac.nl) * Traveling to vague destinations for ambiguous reasons I am definitely open for comments and feedback. Feel free to pass me a message on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/corstianboerman), [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/corstianboerman), or to follow me on [GitHub](https://github.com/corstian).